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Planting Seeds… Reaching Success

As I think back to all the big plans I have made throughout my life, and how many have actually been followed through with according to plan I begin to wonder, is it worth making the plan at all? Preperation nor fear were ever challenges I faced. It was always some huge obstacle that was unforseen. No one had any fault.

So what was the point of these plans? Yes, that old quote, ” Life happens when you’re busy making plans.” comes to mind. But there is purpose behind those plans. When you have plans, whether you realize it or not you, you plant a seed. This seed is a goal you have in mind that you want to obtain. To reach that goal you you nurture it by making big plans to achieve this goal.

What you don’t realize is when an obstacle comes, and you have that goal planted, you can achieve anything because you have that determination.

For example, if you have planned to go to college and have a finished date in mind, etc. A goal has been planted. If an obstacle comes and sets you back, your goal, will keep you motivated to continue. Your plans will change, your goal may even evolve to suite as your life changes, but you will reach success.

Now, our goals evolve over time. For example, if you have the goal of getting married to a significant other and for some reason an obstacle presents itself, your goal will evolve. Either your goal will evolve to include your partner in that you will both make it through anything, or your goal will change to survive the situation and move forward to the next endeavor life brings. Since we cannot control anything but how we think about things, we must evolve.

Once the seed is planted, that goal is set, then it will eventually blossom and we will see success.


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